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Interior Life – Part One

There’s a post on Facebook that many of you will have seen and in some cases reposted on your own timeline as requested by the person who originally wrote it.  I don’t know who that was or have it to hand but it goes something like everyone is fighting battles you know nothing about…  The … Continue reading

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  • RT @TheDesignTrust: Dear Design Doctor: Why do shops & galleries charge so much commission? buff.ly/1KoNsXG 3 hours ago
  • I love it that there's always someone tweeting (me) from Paris - today's vicarious pleasures courtesy of @jane_ide 🇫🇷 1 day ago
  • All slots on the Literary Sofa filled for rest of 2015 and as usual I am very excited about the great writers coming to visit! 2 days ago
  • Quite funny listening (from upstairs) to the men in the house arguing vociferously about who's being passive-aggressive. 4 days ago
  • If I owe you an email as this week ends, thank you and you'll get one soon. And good luck to everyone who's decided to take up decorating! 4 days ago