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Guest Author – Alice Jolly on Crowdfunding – How to make new friends (and lose old ones)

As with many other areas of contemporary life, the ways in which readers access the written word are changing all the time.  The theme of today’s post – literary crowdfunding – is one which I find very interesting and exciting.  Independent publishers Unbound recently came to public attention when one of their crowdfunded titles, The … Continue reading

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  • Late afternoon, Alexandra Park - strangers stopping to admire spectacular rainbow together. People on iphones passing by oblivious. 6 hours ago
  • This happened with the last book. Feeling all torn up over people I've completely invented. It is a bloody weird thing, writing! 8 hours ago
  • RT @Jenny_Ashcroft: So, today Remember Me is published in Germany. Good luck, Ella, Violet and little Flora, Die Frauen vom Rose Square. 16 hours ago